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California Common Beer

Classification: steam beer, California Common, all-grain, Anchor Steam clone

Source: Richard Seyler (, r.c.b., September 23, 1995

A couple days ago, someone asked for a recipe to clone Anchor Steam. This one came quite close, IMHO. The variety of base malts I used exists because I was trying to finish up some nearly empty bags, other- wise I would probably used all american 2-row, w/o the pilen or pale ale.

Ingredients: (for 10 gallons)


Mash in 25qts
125F 5 min (pH 5.3)
Slow (25 min) rise w/ steam injection to 155F
155F 40 min
170F mashout
Sparge w/ 7 gallons 170F.
Add 0.5 gal water to kettle. Boil 80 min.

Ferment at 62F with Wyeast Calif. Common Lager yeast 1 week primary, 2 weeks secondary, keg.