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Crying Over Spilt Stout

Classification: stout, dry stout, Irish stout, all-grain

Source: Darryl Richman ( Issue #220, 8/4/89

I would not leave flaked barley out of a stout. This is what gives Guinness its creamy white head and rounds out the body. This beer will have a rich creamy body with a balanced bitterness. It is very dark, but not opaque. It makes a great substitute for your morning coffee. The name refers to a huge tragedy. I was filling carboys and rocking them to knock down the head. I must have rolled one over a pebble because there came a distinct click noise and beer poured everywhere.

Ingredients: (for 15 gallons)


This recipe makes 15 gallons. Give the beer a lot of temporary hardness (e.g., lots of carbonate).