Cats Meow 3
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Halloween Stout

Classification: stout, Irish stout, dry stout, partial-mash

Source: Alex Jenkins ( Issue #57, 1/24/89



Mash malts in 2-1/2 gallons of 170 degree water; 154 degrees, ph 5.2, maintain at 140-150 degrees for 90 minutes. (Ending pH was 4.8.). Sparge and bring to boil. Add dark extract. Add Clusters and Hallertauer hops 20 minutes into boil. Add Irish moss after another 10 minutes. Add Willamette hops in last 15 minutes. Cool wort and add to carboy. Pitch yeast. Set carboy in cool basement with blow tube. On second day, replace blow tube with airlock. Bottled after 29 days.