Cats Meow 3
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Foggy Day Jumpin' Java

Classification: porter, extract

Source: David Ashley (, r.c.b., 5/1/95



Crack the specialty grains; Partial mash with grain bag in 2 gal cold water; raise temp. to 155 F for 45 min.; sparge into brewpot with 1 gal 170 water; bring to boil & add malt; bring to boil again and add Northrn Brewer hops; boil for 30 min.; add Hersbrucker hops and boil 10 min.; add Cascade hops, honey and espresso, steep for 10 min. and chill. Strain to fermenter; add water to make 1 gal., pitch started yeast at 78; ferment @ 64-68. Transfer to secondary fermenter after 7 days; let sit in secondary to clarify at least 3 weeks. Bottle with 1/4 cup honey. Age at least *2* months. Patience, they say, *is* a virtue!