Cats Meow 3
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New Stout III

Classification: stout, foreign-style stout, all-grain

Source: David Brockington (, submitted 06/12/95

This is the present incarnation of New Stout II, which earned First Place in the Stout category at the 1993 National Homebrew Competition. I tweaked around the edges of that beer by changing the crystal character a bit, adding some flaked barley to smooth out the head, and completely changing the hop schedule. I have also reduced the conversion temperature from 155 to 151. The new hopping plan adds more balancing bitterness to the beer while adding hop flavor and a hint of hop aroma. The overall result is a more sophisticated beer.



Mash in a single infusion at 151 or 152F for 60 minutes. Mash out between 168F and 176F. The hops are whole flower. My system is somewhat inefficient, so your extraction may be higher than my reported gravities. As I generally get 26 points/pound, you should adjust the grain bill accordingly.


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