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Anchor Porter Clone

Classification: porter, Anchor Porter, partial mash

Source: Chris Hill (, r.c.b., 7/27/95

I made a porter last year that was loosely based on Miller's partial mash recipe from Brewing the Worlds Great Beers. It was not intended to be a "clone," but it did come out tasting a lot like Anchor Porter.

This came out with just the perfect bittersweet quality that I like in a porter. It had a noticeable but not overpowering roasty flavor from the black malt.



Mash all grains together in a single infusion at 150F using 1-1/3 qt water per pound of grain. Sparge with 11 qt water, dissolve syrup, add water to make 6-1/2 or 7 gallons. Boil 1 hour, using all the hops. Chill, aerate, pitch, etc. Gravities were 1.055 and 1.016. I used a two-step starter on the Wyeast, and did a secondary on the beer. 18 days from boil to bottle (this was in November).