Cats Meow 3
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Hell Gate Porter

Classification: porter, extract

Source: Jon Olsen,, r.c.b., 12/2/94

I'm happy to announce a new brew. It's Matt and Jon's Hell Gate Porter. I'm very excited 'cuz it's like my fourth batch and tastes the best so far. It's velvety smooth. Opaque. Excellent hop aroma and flavor. The bitterness is rounded out by a roasted buttery sweetness (from the specialty grains and molasses). Anyway, I had my first taste on Wednesday and it was sufficient to give me liquid courage to propose to Leann. She said yes. (Sorry to brag about myself and all...couldn't help it though, I'm so excited!!).



Steep grains.
60 min. boil.
hops to above schedule
misc. ingredients added at 45 min
pitched about a 20 oz. starter

Primary @ room temp (68 F) 10 days
Secondary @ same 8 days
Bottled with 1 c. corn sugar.
Drank after 1 week. YUM!