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March Hare Honey Porter

Classification: porter, honey porter, extract

Source: Robert A. Tisdale, (, HBD #1993, 3/25/96

I made this recipe up myself and I'm calling it a honey porter but I really don't if it is or not. Maybe it's a stout. I don't know?? Does any know what kind and how much hops are in Premiere Light Malt Extract (hopped)? It was on special at the local grocery store so I bought some. I tasted this when I bottled and it was pretty good at that time; I can hardly wait until it's aged a bit.



I brought 1 gal of water to 170 degrees F with both speciality grains in a muslin bag, removed from heat, and let it steep for 2 hrs. I then sparged the grain with 1.5 gals hot water. Added all ingredients (except the yeast and hops), brought to a boil, and let it cook for 2 hrs. Removed from heat and added hops in a boil bag. Cooled, removed hop bag, poured to primary, brought to 6 gal volume, and added yeast @ 80 degrees F.