Cats Meow 3
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24 Black Silk

Classification: stout, coffee stout, extract

Source: (, HBD Issue #1970, 2/27/96

Used bottled water. Used nylon grain bags for grains, hops and coffee. Racked to secondary 1-16, uumm tastes very fine.

Ingredients: (for 6 gallons)


Steeped grains and oats 30 min. @ 140-145, then up to 155 for 10 min. Add extract & 0.5 oz Fuggles, boil 50 min. Add chocolate. With 5 min. to go add rest of Fuggles. At 60 min., kill heat, add coffee and let it steep 20 min. Pull coffee, cool, transfer to fermenter, top up with water. Pitched starter @ 74x. Shook like hell. Bubbles in airlock within 12 hours.