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Black Butte Porter Clone

Classification: porter, Deschutes clone, all-grain

Source: Guy Purdy (, HBD Issue #2025, 5/1/96

After months of research and development, here is the oft requested and seldom (if ever) seen clone recipe for Deschutes Brewing's Black Butte Porter! The first attempt was VERY close, but lacked the roasty flavor overtone and sweetness of the Real Thing. I've adjusted the recipe accordingly, and here it is!



Add salts, gypsum to 1 1/2 gal. H2O. Steep grains for 1/2 hour @ 158 deg. Sparge with 1/2 gal. 170 deg. H2O, and strain out any loose grain. Mix in extract and malto-dextrin, and top off with H2O to desired optimum level for your brew pot. Bring to a boil, and boil for 10 minutes before adding Galena hops. After 30 more min., add Cascade hops. Last 5 min. add Tettnanger hops. Cool wort with hops in it. Remove hops at pitching temp., and pitch yeast. Ferment to completion according to your desired method.