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Guinness Clone (ver 3.0)

Classification: stout, dry stout, Irish stout, Guinness clone, all-grain

Source: Bruce Ross (, r.c.b., 5/13/96

The following Guinness Clone recipe is excellent, although next time I will use all British malts. By the way, N2 is essential for two things: that extra creamy head and a particularly sweet head, neither of which has been accomplished when I used just CO2.

Ingredients: (6 gallons)


Boil temperature of water: 212F
Grain Starting Temperature: 65F
Desired Grain/Water Ratio: 1.5 quarts/pound
Strike Water: 4.31 gallons of water at 163F
First Mash Temperature: 149F
Second Mash Temperature: 153F
Boiling Water to add: 0.34 gallons

Water Absorbed by Grain: 1.15 gal
Water Evaporated during boil: 3.00 gal
Wort Left in Brewpot: 0.33 gal
Add 5.83 gal of water to yield 6.0 gal of wort

1. Add 1 gallon soured beer to boil. (When cooled, return 1 gallon to the souring bottle and let set with airlock until next batch is brewed!

2. Use 2 Tbs gypsum and 1 tsp CaCo3 to mash water, acidify sparge to 5.2 pH with lactic acid.