Cats Meow 3
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Simply Stout

Classification: stout, dry stout, Irish stout, all-grain

Source: Keith MacNeal (, r.c.b., 4/15/96

I entered the following recipe in a local homebrew competition. Both judges called it a clean, well made beer but a miss on the style with the beer being to malty and lacking the neccessary roasted character (on a 50 point scale I received a 28 and a 25). The recipe is based on Papazian's Propentious Stout, a recipe he claims is a dead ringer for Guinness.



Mash schedule: Protein rest at 124 deg. F for 50 minutes. Saccharification at 150 deg. F for 3 hours. A sour mash was added to the main mash prior to the protein rest.