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Brown Stout

Classification: stout, foreigh stout, extract

Source: Evan L. Cooper (, r.c.b., 5/3/96

I just brewed a stout. It is quite pleasing in taste, head and body, only the color is a bit off. It's only a very dark brown instead of black.

I'd love to hear from anyone who trys this.

Someone posted a stout recipe with Black Patent and no Roasted Barley. Forget it! You can't make a stout without Roasted Barley. I also think a real stout shouldn't have any flavoring or aroma hop additions. It just isn't true to the style, IMHO.



The crystal and roasted barley were cracked and steeped in 1 ga1. 170-180F water for 20 minutes, then sparged with another 1 gal. 170-180F water. The grain water was then brought to a boil. The extract was added and then the wort was brought to a boil. After the hot break, the hops were added and boiling was continued for 45 minutes. Transfer to carboy with dilution water. The yeast was pitched after rehydrating in 1/2 cup 90-100F water for 15 minutes. It fermented beautifully, good old Edme, and was bottled in 1 week with the corn sugar for priming. It is great when served cold but not icy. The head is thick creamy and brown.