Cats Meow 3
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Black Hole Stout

Classification: stout, dry stout, Irish stout, all-grain

Source: Fredrik Stahl (, 4/2/96

I had the same problem with this as with Berghem Beamish---to sweet and too much hop aroma (even a bit "grassy"). The same comments as above apply, and maybe some other hop than Goldings should be used. The roasted character was right on, though.

I chose #1028 instead of #1084 because of the higher attenuation. It's still to sweet, so I probably need to lower the mash temp to 63C (or use a step mash similar to the one above).

Ingredients: (22 litres)


Single infusion 1 h 45 min @ 65C. Total boil time: 60 min.

Fermented with WYeast #1028 at 20C. Closed fermentation in primary for 9 days and secondary for 11 days.