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Espresso Stout

Classification: stout, sweet stout, coffee stout, all-grain

Source: Charley Burns (, r.c.b., 5/3/96

This is a killer "Espresso Stout" I just bottled 3 weeks ago. I used Suds to formulate it based on an extract recipe that I found in "Brew Your Own" magazine.

Ingredients: (5 gallons)


Grain Starting Temperature: 65F Desired Grain/Water Ratio: 1. quarts/pound Strike Water: 2.75 gallons of water at 177F First Mash Temperature: 155F.

Bottle conditioned with 1.25 cups of Light DME.

Only took 2 weeks for carbonation. Holds head very well. Espresso coffee taste is overwhelming. Next time, limit espresso to 1/4 pounds.