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Kitchen Sink Porter

Classification: porter, all-grain

Source: Mike Uchima (, r.c.b, 8/13/96

For me, experimenting with recipes is one of the most enjoyable aspects of home brewing -- right up there with actually drinking the results. :-) Just make sure you write down what you did -- who knows, you may want to duplicate it someday!

In keeping with the general spirit of this thread, here's the recipe for one of my recent "experimental" batches. I count this one as one of the successes; it came out quite nice. Note that the recipe is for *3* gallons; just multiply everything by 5/3 for a 5 gallon batch

Ingredients: (3 gallon batch)


Mash schedule: 30 minutes at 122F, 45 minutes at 154F, 10 minutes at 158F. Total boil time 70 minutes. Ferment at 70F.