Cats Meow 3
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Crankcase Stout

Classification: stout, Russian imperial stout, extract

Source: Marc San Soucie (hplabs!decvax!wang!mds) Issue #178, 6/16/89

An experiment in extravagance.

Intimidating. Heavy, strong, thick. Not really drinkable after 4 months. Interesting, but not completely enjoyable. Too much of too many good things.



Put grains into two gallons water and boil. When pot reaches boil, remove grains. Add dry extract and stir. Add hopped extract and licorice. Add Nugget and Galena hops. Boil 70 minutes. This was a big thick mess and needs a big pot---mine boiled over. Add Cascade for finishing. Cool and pitch yeast and amylase. Put in a big fermenter with a blow tube---my batch blew the cover creating a marvelous mess all over the wall. Eventually rack to secondary and ferment a long time (at least 3 weeks).