Cats Meow 3
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Martin's Porter

Classification: porter, partial-mash

Source: Martin Lodahl (pbmoss! Issue #315, 12/4/89

If this beer doesn't have enough body, you might try substituting unmalted barley for the wheat malt and extend starch conversion rest to 2 hours. Bitterness can be reduced by cutting back bittering hops to 8 AAUs or so.



Mash-in 3 minutes in 6 quarts of water at 122 degree (strike heat 126 degree). Adjust pH to 5.0-5.5. Protein rest 30 minutes at 131 degrees. Starch conversion 60 minutes at 150-141 degrees (longer is better). Mash out 5 minutes at 168 degrees. sparge with 2 gallons of water at 168-160 degrees. Boil 60 minutes. Add extract, yeast nutrient and bittering hops at start of boil. Add finishing hops 10 minutes before boil ends. Force cool and bring volume to 5 gallons. Pitch yeast.