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Alcatraz Porter

Classification: porter, Anchor porter, all-grain

Source: Bryan Gros ( Issue #815, 2/3/92

I recently tasted my all-grain porter against Anchor's and the big thing I notice was Anchor Porter is thick, creamy. Mine is low carbonated, but it does not have that creamy feel. This was my first all-grain brew and my first porter.

It has a good malt flavor. Next time I would cut back on the hops some.

Ingredients: (for 3 gallons)


Add all grains, crushed, to 6qts water at 55C. Wait 30 min. Raise temp to 62C (Added 2qts boiling water) Wait 75 min. Raise temp to 75C. Wait 5 min. Sparge with 75C water. Bring to boil, add molasses, Cascade, and Mt. Hood hops. Boil one hour. Add finishing hops. Boil 5 min. Cool down in sink. Add yeast from starter.