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Sweetport Porter

Classification: porter, extract

Source: Mike Ligas (LIGAS@SSCvax.CIS.McMaster.CA) Issue #743, 10/18/91

Although I tend towards all grain brewing it seems I always come back to this one as my Porter. The rich body and residual sweetness of this beer is something which I have found hard to replicate in an all grain recipe. This beer finished 2nd at the Canadian Amateur Brewers Association national competition in 1989 and a variation of this recipe finished 3rd in 1990. The yeast strain is critical as well as the molasses to get the most out of this beer.



Crush grains and steep for 30 minutes in water at 158 degrees. Strain into boiling vessel and sparge with 158 degrees water. Add malt extracts, dextrin, honey, brown sugar, molasses and gypsum and bring to a boil. Add boiling hops 5 minutes into boil, Irish moss for the last 15 minutes and finishing hops in last 5 minutes. Total boil of 50 minutes. Cool to at least 68 degrees before pitching yeast. Prime with dextrose as usual.