Cats Meow 3
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Oatmeal Stout

Classification: stout, oatmeal, partial-mash

Source: Russ Gelinas (R_GELINAS@UNHH.UNH.EDU) Issue #647, 5/29/91

My notes on it were that it was clean, smooth, and hoppy. The hops overwhelmed any oat flavor, but the oats may have added to the smoothness. Reduce the hopping level by 1/2. Also, not enough roasted barley "bite". Increase RB from 1/3 oz. to 1/2 oz. at least, maybe 2/3 oz. would be best. There was also 1/2 oz. of crystal used.



Mash pale malt and steel cut oats in 5 quarts of water. Sparge with 2 1/4 English 2-row pale malt, 1 lb. of steel cut oats, mashed in 5 qts. Added dark extract and dark DME to the wort and boiled with 2 oz. of Centennial leaf hops (AU=11.1, total=22.2 WHOOPS!) Good thing I like hops. Finished with 1 oz. of Cascade leaf hops. (AU=5) Pitched Wyeast Irish Ale yeast starter (#1084?), took 24 hrs. for active ferment.