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Gak & Gerry's #23: Anteater Porter

Classification: porter, all-grain

Source: Richard Stueven (Richard.Stueven@Corp.Sun.COM) Gerry Lundquist, Issue #746, 10/23/91

Deep red color. Looks almost black in the fermenter.



Add grains to 3.5 gallons cold water. Heat to 150 degrees and maintain for 90 minutes, stirring constantly. Used 4.5 gallons 170 degree sparge water. Collected 6 gallons wort. Boiled 60 minutes. Add Cluster at beginning of boil. Add 11.4 grams Cascade at 50 minutes. Turn off heat after 1 hour boil, and let last of Cascade hops steep. Cooled to about 75 derees and pitched.