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Stout or Is It Porter?

Classification: porter, partial-mash

Source: Issue #875, 5/4/92

**NOTE** this beer has enough unfermentable stuff in it that you do NOT want wild yeast in it, or you will get gushers that taste rather (as he mixes his metaphors) like something you'd rather see in an old Godzilla movie. It conditions sorta slow, it's not dried out for about three weeks here. This tastes a bit like Sheaf stout, but without the "I'm too old" flavor. After it sits on the tongue, it's sweeter (but not at first taste, you need to break some of the higher sugars with your pepsin first).It's hoppier, it could probably stand to condition a while longer. I've thought to add some cara-pils but I have yet to get around to it. Head retention is so-so.



Crack grains, put in grain bag and put in Bruheat with 6 gallons or so of water. Rest at 110--115 for 15 minutes. Mash at about 150 for about 40 minutes (full conversion via iodine test and wait a bit). There's not much to convert. Sparge, but don't cook the flippin' hulls. Add extracts.

Bring to boil until hot break starts. Skim well. Add Irish moss. In last 5 minutes, add Fuggles and Cascade. Before boil stops, bring volume to 5--1/2 gallons, of which you'll use 5 gallons. Cool. Rack to carboy. Pitch yeast.