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Smooth Stout

Classification: stout, all-grain

Source: "Bob Jones" , HBD Issue #1030, 12/10/92

Ok, for those that ask, here is the recipe for a Stout I made recently. This is the Stout that was drinkable at 1 week old. I believe several things make this smoothness possible; adding roasted grains to the mashout, keeping black patent malt quantities small, adding some calcium carbonate and adjusting sparge water ph.

Ingredients: (for 21 gallons)


Single temp infusion mash at 154f for 60min. Mashin with 7.8 gals water at 171 F. Add specialty grains noted above and mashout at 170f for 10 minutes. Sparge with 9 gals 168f water to collect 13 gals wort (sparge water treated with lactic acid to ph 5.7). Boil 90 minutes. Boil Perle for 75 mins. Boil Cascade for 60 mins. Total IBU is about 40. Ferment at 68f for 1 week, rack to keg, CO2 to 2.6 volumes.