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Sierra Nevada Porter Clone

Classification: porter, all-grain

Source: Ed Kesicki (ek@chem.UCSD.EDU), HBD Issue #1103, 3/23/93

Here is a recipe for a clone of Sierra Nevada Porter. I didn't mean for it to come out that way; in fact, I had never tasted SNP until after I made this one (my 4th all-grain batch). It is based on Dave Miller's traditional porter recipe.



The yeast was cultured from two bottles (actually it was the yeast cake from a previous batch).

Mashing procedure:

Mash in: 130 deg. F 9 qts water (San Diego tap water)
Protein rest: 125 deg F 30 min
Mash temp: 154-142 deg F 1.5 hr
Mash out: 168 deg F 5 min
Sparge: approx 4-5 gal @ 170 deg F

Total boil time of 1.25 hr, hops additions as noted above, chilled. Fermented in glass, temp in the low 60's Farenheit, blow-off used.