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Sweet Tooth's Sheaf & Vine Stout

Classification: stout, cream stout, Watney's Cream Stout, extract

Source: Al Korzonas (, HBD Issue #1402, 4/19/94

I have tried and tested this recipe and it has won quite a few awards. I've never compared it side-by-side with Watneys, but think it will put you in the ballpark.



Don't boil the grains, just crush them and steep them in 2 gallons of 170F water, then remove and add the rest of the 5.5 gallon boil water. If you don't do a full wort boil, you will have to increase the hop rates (say, 25% more for a 2.75 gallon boil) to compensate for the lower efficiency. Better be very sure you keep good sanitation since lactobacillus can eat the lactose and will certainly make for gushers (or worse) if you get an infection.

Fermented at 68F.