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Amy's Stout

Classification: stout, oatmeal stout, all-grain

Source: Spencer Thomas (, HBD Issue #1417, 5/6/94

My wife really liked Sam Adams Cream Stout when we had some last summer. I thought I'd try to make a beer with that nice creamy, roasty flavor, but lower gravity, for her graduation party last weekend.

Tasting notes (after 1 week in bottle/keg): Yum! Initial roasty-malty aroma with a hint of hop flower-spice. Fills your mouth, smooth, silky and medium-full body. Sweet but not too much, balanced with hops but towards the sweet side. Really right-on with what I was aiming for. Too bad I didn't make this in time for the Nationals.

Amy loves it, the party guests liked it, once they got past the intimidating (to a beer neophyte) blackness.

If you really love the roasted coffee flavor of roasted barley, the beer could easily take more of it, or maybe 1/4lb chocolate malt to "sharpen up" the flavor a bit. But it's darn good as it is, and tastes a lot "bigger" than you might expect from its OG.



Step mash all grains together @61C for 30 min (3 gal strike), 65C for 30 min. (infuse 2qts boiling water). Sparged 5.8 gallons at 1.038.

Yield: 4.7 gallons @ 1.046 (I did add some top-up water during the boil).

Fermented 1 week in glass at 19-22C with a pint starter of YeastLab Irish Ale. FG 1.012.

Bottled with 1/3c corn sugar into 2 5l mini-kegs and 18 bottles.