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Guinness Pub Draught Clone

Classification: stout, Irish stout, dry stout, Guinness, extract

Source: William Bowen (mrbill@leland.Stanford.EDU), r.c.b., 12/9/92

Here's my interpretation of Guinness Pub Draught (refined after 5 iterations!).

This recipe represents the culmination of my year-long quest to replicate draught Guinness. It's close enough that my Guinness consumption will be significantly curtailed!



To 2 gal cold water add grains in bag, and gypsum. Bring to boil, boil 5 min., remove grains. Add hops, boil 45 min. Sparge into cold water to make 5 gal of wort. Rack cooled wort off of cold break, pitch yeast.