Cats Meow 3
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Black Gold Stout

Classification: stout, dry stout, extract

Source: Joseph Santos (, HBD Issue #1634, 1/18/95

Many will recognize the ingredients as a combination of some of the favorite recipes found in various homebrew books. This stout was an experiment in blending flavors to achieve the best of all things "I" desire in a stout.It is similar to Mark Stevens "Black Cat Stout #1" with a few changes.

It has a smooth, chocolaty, warm fuzzy flavor perfect for sitting in front of the fireplace.



For this I used distilled water with 1 Tbsp. water crystals added. Steep specialty grains then remove. Add vanilla,espresso,and extracts. Boil for an hour and cool. Rack to primary and pitch yeast. Within minutes activity was observed. Within 12 hours active fermentation, *WARNING* after this stage you WILL need to use a blow off rig. The activity subsided after 2 1/2 days then racked to secondary for 12 days to ensure no bottle bombs! Bottled with corn sugar and aged @room temp for 8 days. It is now 3 weeks in the basement and better than ever.