Cats Meow 3
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Classification: barleywine, extract

Source: Ann Nelligan, (anelliga@hamlet.Prime.COM) Issue #818, 2/6/92



We did a single stage fermentation, so I can't answer your question about how long to age in secondary. We gave the finishing hops 10 minutes. As far as conditioning in bottles---well, it's been 14 months now and it keeps getting better. At 2 months it was OK, but cloudy enough that we thought we should have used gypsum. It was also VERY sweet, but also very hoppy and quite smooth. By 9 months it was clear, but quite heavy and we thought maybe less sugar. Last week it had gotten considerably drier and VERY clear. It's really good now, so I don't know if it'll last long enough for me to give you an update later.