Cats Meow 3
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Batch 25

Classification: barleywine, Scotch ale, all-grain

Source: Brian Bliss ( Issue #930, 7/22/92

I submitted it to the AHA's homebrew contest this year. Both judges said "not enough alcoholic punch" and "not enough hops" for a barleywine, and both gave it a 27, though from the breakdown of the scores, I got the impression that they agreed on the 27 beforehand, and then somehow tried to justify it (since 27 corresponds to "not true to style"). Both agreed that it was well-brewed, malty, estery. One judge said slight chill haze and the other said somewhat astringent.

Maybe it made a better scotch ale, But I loved her, and she's gone, captain.



1 hour 15 minute protein rest at 132 --- 115F. Mash at 152F with 1/2 ounce amylase enzyme for 2--1/2 hours. Mash out at 165--172. Sparge with 168 water to make 11 gallons. Boil, adding hops as noted. Cool and pitch yeast. Rack after 1 week, bottle a week later priming with corn sugar.