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Holiday Barleywine

Classification: barleywine, all-grain

Source: Micah Millspaw (, HBD Issue #1621, 1/3/95

I had the oppurtunity to finaly tap into my 94 holiday beer. This home brew was so incredible that I thought that I should share the recipe. 5 gallons of this went to the SAAZ homebrew club X-mas party and was consumed rapidly. Also it is a exercise in high gravity / first runnings brewing. BTW the beer is a vanilla barleywine.

Ingredients: (for 15 gallons)


Grist was spilt into two equal mashes (so what follows for mashing was done twice): 9 gallons @ 175 F for mash in - mash temp averaged 152 F- 45 min mash 3.5 gallons @ 180 F for mash out - 15 min collect first runnings.

Runnoff from first mash was boiling during the second mash. When combined combined and brought to a boil hops were added. Note: one gallon of mash runnoff was collected and reserved ( frozen ) to be used for krausen later.

Fermented 10 days at 70 F, racked to secondary with krausen and 1 pint vanilla extract, 2 tbs nutmeg, 2 tbs ginger. Secondary temp 60 -45 for one month, racked to soda kegs.