Cats Meow 3
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Classification: barleywine, strong ale, all-grain

Source: John Varady (, HBD Issue #2267, 11/7/96

I am formulating a barley wine to brew as a 1 year brewing/birthday kinda thing. Please review and comment.

Ingredients: (10 gallons)


I plan on doing two mashes with this brew. The main mash will consist of everything except 5 lbs of pale and 5 lbs of munich, which will be mashed in a second vessel. I plan on mashing in the 30lb mash at 122F, and mashing in the 10lb mash at 155F. After the small mash has reached saccharification, I would proceed to boil it for 30 mins and then add it back to the main mash which would be then raised to 158F to convert.

The small mash is done to avoid having to decoct and to attempt to get more maltiness by boiling all the munich malt.