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Legendary Mike Brown's Spruce Ale

Classification: spiced ale, spruce beer, extract

Source: Mike Ligas (LIGAS@SSCvax.CIS.McMaster.CA) Issue #733, 9/27/91

I didn't like this beer at first because I felt that a spruce essence was lacking in the flavour. However, two months in the bottle cured that problem and the beer was exquisite and "sprucey" and improved with further aging.



Place Crystal and chocolate malts in 1 gallon cold water and raise temperatire to 158 degrees and immediately strain into the brew kettle and sparge with 2 cups of 158 degree water. Add malt extracts and water to bring volume to 6 gallons. Add boiling sprigs when boil begins and boil for 60 minutes. Add finishing sprigs and boil for 3 minutes. Chill via wort chiller. Pitch yeast at 68 degrees. Single stage ferment in glass for 14 days then bottle using 1 cup corn sugar to prime.