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Phil Fleming's Christmas Ale

Classification: spiced ale, holiday beer, extract

Source: Issue #747, 10/24/91

Note: This recipe appeared Vol.2, #10 of The Wort Alert, the Hop Barley & the Alers newsletter from Nov. 1990, entitled "Anne's Choice Christmas Ale", and also appeard in a Zymurgy special issue. There was a lot of discussion relating to the additional 3 pounds of malt extract. The final word is that this is the correct recipe.



Simmer spices and honey (45 minutes). Boil malt and hops (50 minutes). Add finishing hops and boil (5 minutes). Cool, strain and pitch yeast. [Note: It's not made clear, but the honey/spice mix is added to the wort just before cooling, they're not boiled together.]