Cats Meow 3
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Winter's Tavern Winter Ale

Classification: spiced ale, holiday beer, extract, honey

Source: Greg Winters ( rec.crafts.brewing, 9/10/92

Smells heavenly and should have just the proper aging time to mellow the spices and hops by xmas. (I may have added more hops than I should have, but I just couldn't resist, as I just love the taste.) With any luck I will have a nice balanced and very complex brew...



Performed partial mash of cara-pils, crystal and klages as described in CJOHB. Added all other fermentables and brought to a rolling boil. Added hops as indicated as well as all spices for the last 10 minutes of the boil. Cooled in ice bath for approximately 30 minutes before moving to bucket with 2 gallons cold water to reduce oxidation. Let sit for 1 hour and then racked off trub into primary. (Spices, etc. included in the primary fermenter.) Pitched approximately 1 liter yeast starter, attached blow-off tube and had a cold one.