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Green Chili Beerito

Classification: chili beer, spiced ale, extract

Source: Brewed by Ken Kane, posted by Jeff Frane (, HBD Issue 1165, 6/18/93

One of the advantages of running the Oregon State Fair competition has been access to winning recipes -- and the permission to reproduce them at will. The following beer took 1st Place in the Specialty Beer category, and is, I thought, a really tasty item. Ken Kane, of Portland, seems to brew nothing but spiced and fruit beers, and has gotten quite innovative and skillful at it. If memory serves, he's won this category repeatedly (including a pumpernickel beer and a sage beer).

I realize there's a little information missing, but it ought to provide a good start -- and it was a really tasty beer, for those who like chili beers.



The grains are mashed at 122F for 30 min; 152F for 10 min; 158F for 20 minutes.

Fermented at 65F for 10 days with Whitbred Lager yeast.