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Green Chili Amber

Classification: spiced ale, chili beer, extract

Source: Mark Carter (, r.c.b., 2/28/95

I just made another batch but only had .25 lb crystal so i added 3 lbs of honey instead of 2.5...OG was 1.062 I also cultured my yeast off the bottom of a Bell's amber is a very good yeast.

Mike Wester originally gave me this recipe using .8 lb frozen peeled green chile-it is one of my favorite beers (I've got one in the keg and one fermenting as I type).



Steep crystal malt in boiling pot until boil is about to start then remove and add malt extract, honey, and hops. boil for one hour. Pasteurize chile by adding to very hot water (I just put mine in a saucepan and brought it to a boil-and the beer is not very cloudy). Add all to cold water in a fermenter to bring up to 5 gallons then cool, pitch yeasst and ferment. Bottle or keg when fermentation is finished.