Cats Meow 3
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Honey Ginger Lager

Classification: lager, honey beer, ginger beer, spiced beer, all-grain

Source: Jeff Stampes (, r.f.d., 5/1/95

Ok, I have a Honey Ginger Lager recipe that comes our pretty darn good.

This ferments and ages for several months before it's really good. If you're shy about ginger, use only 2 oz. The 4 oz. is TOXIC and undrinkable for the first 4-5 months until it ages enough!



Mash with no pretein Rest...Single 155F infusion until conversion is complete.

Boil with 4 oz. grated Ginger root, 2 lbs. honey and 1 oz. Perle hops.

Finish with 1 oz. Tettnang hops