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English Strong Spice Ale

Classification: strong ale, spiced ale, all-grain

Source: Edward J. Steinkamp (, HBD Issue #2273, 11/13/96

I am brewing the following English Strong Spice Ale on Thursday and would like to invite some comments on the recipe. Specifically, I would like comments on the spice schedule since I have not brewed a spice beer like this before.



Mash using single-step infusion mash at 153 degrees F. Sparge as usual. Hop according to times listed. Ferment at 65-70, rousing after to 3 days to extend fermentation. Rack to secondary at 50-55 for two weeks. Add spice tea to secondary. To do this, combine spices with boiling water and steep for 3 minutes. Add tea with spices to fermenter.