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Hazelnut Brown

Classification: brown ale, spiced ale, hazelnut, Longshot, extract

Source: Kurt Meyer (, HBD Issue #2276, 11/15/96

I made a similar recipe to the Longshot, except I wanted it to be richer, and a little less hazelnut. I based mine on a nut brown recipe (Millers) with honey (1 lb.) instead of brown sugar and used 1 bottle of T. Noirot Hazelnut liqueur extract at bottling. Myself and a few friends said they liked it better because of its balance.

Since then I have gotten the original recipe from my rep. at Northwestern Extracts.

This is how I received the recipe, as you may notice no alpha ratings for the hops so your guess is as good as mine. The T. Noirot should be available at your favorite H.B. store or they can order it if they buy from L.D. Carlson.



Mash grain at 160 F.