Cats Meow 3
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Raspberry Imperial Stout

Classification: fruit beer, stout, Russian imperial stout, raspberry stout, extract

Source: Dan Miles ( Issue #483, 8/28/90

This had a very strong raspberry taste with a slightly coffee/dark malt and hoppy/bitter aftertaste. The raspberry taste is accompanied by a sort of astringency or acidity that will supposedly soften with age. It's still very young for an Imperial stout.



This makes 6-1/2 to 7 gallons. This is based on Papazian's recipe from the Summer 1990 issue of Zymurgy, except that I use more raspberries than Charlie. Follow his directions, or E-mail me for directions. (Directions are pretty standard.)

The Bullion hops and Northern Brewer are used for bittering and are added to the boil. The Kent Goldings pellets are used for dry-hopping.