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Purdue Red Hot Apple Ale

Classification: fruit beer, apple ale, extract

Source: Lynn Zentner Issue #607, 4/1/91

This ale is a nice light beer with little bitterness. You can't really taste the red hots too much, but the are definitely in the aroma. My husband had his doubts about this since the only hops were whatever was in the extract, but he was pleasantly surprised. The red hot candies make a very nice addition to the brew. I think they might be good in some other styles, too.



Bring 3 gallons water to boil and put in brew bucket to cool. Bring 1.5 gallons water and crystal malt to boil. Remove grain. Add extract, honey, burton salts, and irish moss and boil for 15 minutes. Add red hot candies. Turn heat to low after candies melt. Add apples and cinnamon and steep 15 minutes. Dump into brew bucket, then transfer to primary. (I made malted applesauce out of the apples by the way!)