Cats Meow 3
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John's Raspberry Ale

Classification: fruit beer, raspberry ale, extract

Source: John DeCarlo ( Issue #740, 10/8/91

In spite of everything, this came out very very well, with rave reviews from everyone.



Prepare 1 quart starter two nights before. Purchase some fresh raspberries (if possible. Try local farmer's market). Freeze raspberries night before brewing to break down cell walls. Pre-boil some water. Cooled some and freeze some. Prepare wort as usual by steeping crystal malt in 150-160F water while the brew pot water is heating up and sparg into the brewpot. Boil about an hour. Add 2 ounces Hallertau at 15 minutes and another 1/2 ounces at end of boil. At the end of the boil, toss all the raspberries into the brewpot and let sit for fifteen minutes. Wort was pretty cool by then. Toss *everything* into the fermenter. (With the raspberries in there, I figured I couldn't get any S.G. readings, so I didn't try.)