Cats Meow 3
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Classification: lambic ale, fruit beer, framboise, Belgian ale, all-grain

Source: Mike Charlton (umcharl3@ccu.UManitoba.CA) Issue #589, 3/5/91

We had a bit extra so we are doing a small fermentation (without the raspberies) of about 3/4 of a gallon. To this we added a teaspoon of yogurt to try to get a lacto bacillus infection and produce lactic acid. If it produces anything interesting I'll post the results. Anyway, I can't comment on how this beer will taste as it is still in secondary and is fairly expeimental.



We did a beta glucan rest at 120 degrees for 30 mins, a protein rest at 130 degrees for 30 mins, and a saccrafication rest at 155 for 1 hour. Be extra careful with the sparge because it has the potential to be very slow (although we managed to whip right through in 45 mins.). We boiled the wort for 2 hours, leaving the hops in for the entire boil. Cooled with an immersion chiller to 42 degrees and strained into a carboy. After 8 hours we racked the wort off of the trub and pitched the yeast. We left it in primary for 2 weeks and then racked it into a carboy and added the raspberries.