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Raspberry Ale

Classification: fruit beer, raspberry ale, extract

Source: Anthony Rossini (rossini%biosun2@ Issue #877, 5/6/92

This was first a proposed recipe on 4/2/92, but with less raspberries and more hops---the recipe presented here is Anthony's final recipe, posted on 5/6/92. (Eric Pepke and Michael Yandrasits posted critiques of Anthony's first recipe. Michael's recipe follows.) ---Ed.

It is a light beer, plenty of berry flavor and smell, a nice red color, and also tastes quite good (though I should qualify that by saying that while I enjoy great beers, I've never turned down swill, either...).

Anyhow, a bit more hops might've been nice, but definitely not necessary, as someone suggested to me.



Added crystal to water, removed prior to boiling.

Boiled wort. Added 24 ounces of raspberries right after turning off stove. Chilled, pitched. Primary ferment about 1 week. Rack to secondary and add another 24 ounces of raspberries. Let sit 2 weeks in secondary.