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Pumpkin Stout

Classification: fruit beer, pumpkin, stout, extract

Source: Anthony Johnston (, Homebrew Digest #1327, 01/18/94

Here is a recipe that I formulated as an experiment/modification of a previous recipe that I posted. I had intended it to be a stout, but wimped out on the larege amounts of roasted barley and other dark malts necessary for the style at the last minute



"Mashed" malts, pumpkin, and extract at 150 F (65 C) for 30 mins, then sparged through grain bag. A real mess. Final volume = ca.3 gallons Added 3.3 lbs of Amber Briess Extract and commenced boiling.

Yeast was Red Star Ale Yeast, rehydrated in some cooled boiled wort. Beer was kegged/force carbonated and almost completely gone in one evening of Christmas partying.

Canned pumpkin dissolves into a horrendously fine mush that will settle to the bottom of your primary and cause you to lose up to 1 gallon or more (it does not firmly settle out.) Are the results worth it? I think so, but I will only do 2 or 3 pumpkin brews a year for the holidays, because it is messy. I would think that using fresh, cooked pumpkin cut into 1" cubes or so might strain out better, or they might break down in the mash to a consistency similar to the canned stuff. Anyone try this.