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KiWheat Ale

Classification: wheat beer, weizen, fruit beer, kiwi ale, extract

Source: Jim Grady (, HBD Issue #1195, 8/3/93

I had intended to add more hops but miscalculated (and I didn't even have a homebrew while I was making it!). It is a rather light beer with a slight kiwi nose. As you drink it, it has a tartness that helps take the place of added hop bitterness. It does not hold a head worth beans.

If I make this again, I think I will add a few more hops and leave it on the kiwis MUCH longer. I think that after I bottled I saw on the digest that krieks are left on the cherries for 2-4 months. I guess I was a little too hasty to have my summer brew before the summer was over!



Fermented at ~70^F.

After 5 days, I peeled and diced about 7# of kiwifruit, added 2 campden tablets, and put them in the freezer overnight to help breakdown the cell walls.

The next day, racked to secondary and added the kiwifruit (brought up to room temperature.

After 1 week, when the secondary fermentation was complete, I bottled.