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Blackberry Wheat

Classification: wheat beer, weizen, blackberry wheat, extract

Source: Curt Woodson (, r.c.b., 2/5/93

I posted about my summer in the briar patch picking Blackberries to make wine. Then decided to ask for beer receipes for the Blackberries. Thanks to John DeCarlo and many others who responded and encouraged me to do it!! WELL I made a Wheat Beer and added some of the hard worked for Blackberries for what has been the BEST DAMN BEER I HAVE EVER DRANK!!

Note: I have made 3 batchs of this. All have been GREAT. I added more DME to one or two of the batches.



Put cracked Carapils in cold water and leave in until just before boil. Add Wheat extract and DME and boil. Added Bittering hops boil 25min. Add Irish moss, boil 30min. Add finish hops boil 2 min, Remove from heat. Put pot in sink of cool/cold water and add Blackberries. As they thaw crush berries with your spoon. Remove hopbag(a lot easier than straining them out). Put everything in 6 1/2 gal bucket or carboy fill to 6 gal mark with water and pitch yeast.

Start at 70 degrees F , after ferm starts move to 60 F , xfer to 2ndary after 5-7 days. Leave in secondary 7-14 days(I go 14) you may want to use gelitin or polyclar to help settle things out(5-7 days before bottling). Bottle with 1 cup corn sugar. Wait 2 weeks and enjoy so good homebrew.