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Bronx Cheer

Classification: pale ale, fruit beer, raspberry ale, partial mash

Source: David Draper (Dave in Sydney) (, r.c.b., 3/10/95

Was fully drinkable in 2 weeks, and have just one bottle left after two months. This beer got very good reviews from friends, but those who had never heard of the concept of a fruit beer (there are many down here) were not impressed. One labmate pronounced it "pathetic". He of course is an unsophisticated philistine though, so I don't mind :-}.

Ingredients: (22 litres, 5.8 US gallons)


Protein rest at 50C (122F) for 30 min, main mash at 68C (154F) for 90 min, mashout at 77C (170F) for 10 min, sparge to recover about 15 litres (about 4 US gal).

Boil 60 min total. At end of boil, stir in 600 gr (1.3 lb) frozen raspberries and let steep for 30 to 45 min. Chill, put in fermenter, top up to final volume, pitch yeast. I use Wyeast 1028 for this, the slight woodiness really complements the mild fruit flavors.

OG about 1050, FG about 1014 for ABV about 4.8%. Add gelatin finings at racking if you like, to reduce pectin haze. Primed at bottling with 6.3 g dextrose/glucose/corn sugar per litre (about 0.8 oz per US gal) of beer.